Backup batterij PLC Omron CQM1

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t.b.v. PLC Omron CQM1

bekijk ook het infoblad over het vervangen van de backup batterijen van de plc

De batterij is zowel bekend onder het type nummer C500-BAT08 als 3G2A9-BAT08.


"CQM1 CPU Units contain a 3G2A9-BAT08 Battery Set, which must be replaced when its effective life has expired. The effective life under normal conditions is approximately 5 years. The effective life will be reduced at higher temperatures.

Refer to Appendix B Battery Service Life for more details.
A battery error will occur when the voltage of the battery starts to drop, causing
the ALARM/ERROR indicator to flash, causing SR 25308 to turn ON, and generating
a battery error message readable from Programming Devices. The battery
must be replaced within one week after a battery error is indicated."



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